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Selena Gomez- Back To You

Selena Gomez- Back To You

Selena Gomez- Back To You

Review: Odd video. Starts like a house party, with boys and girls standing on each side of the room. Then the two decide to steal a car and drive off together. Once they stop, and love the 1980s Alfa Romeo convertible they are driving, the beat picks up and the video gets very lively. It’s very much what we have some to expect from Selena Gomez.

 This song speaks to the fact that if you love someone its not easy to move on. And each time you will try to move on, that person will come into your head. Because this what true love is, it never dies. According to this song, Gomez knows that the person is not good for her but she still says that if she will get another chance to relive the old moments she would like to spend all her moments again with him.

Very Selena Gomez. Very good beat. But nothing extraordinary.


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