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Post Malone – Better Now

Post Malone – Better Now

Post Malone – Better Now

Review: This is a beautiful song by the amazing Post Malone. The video for this song, as attached, is best enjoyed in the form of the lyrics version. This is a deep song and the words really prove the excellence of Post Malone. Malone has come a long way in the past few years, solidifying himself as an artist with range and depth. He is on record for discussing his obstacles being a Caucasian hip-hop artist. Congratulations, Post. You’re a rockstar.


It is in this very special song that he’s trying to convince himself that he is better off without the Love of his life, because apparently his relationship with her never evolved in to anything more, or it just went sour. He’s missing her, and upset over his own behavior for letting her down. Who knows? Maybe she’ll take him back?

Post Malone is without a doubt one of the most wide-ranging talents on the charts today. Keep it coming, Mr. Malone!


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