Home EDM Insomniac Moonrise Festival 2022 Announce

Insomniac Moonrise Festival 2022 Announce

Insomniac Moonrise Festival 2022 Announce

LANDING CONFIRMED.?‍?✔️ The aura of the moon enters earth’s atmosphere once again as #MoonriseFestival returns to Baltimore on August 6 & 7, 2022. ?? Travel with us to outer space and experience the interstellar world of Moonrise. Myriad surprises await you in this lunar paradise. Prepare to enter a sensory experience like none other with the Lunar, Solar, and Stellar stages. Mission Control has received reports of unknown frequencies emanating from the lunar quadrant where Moonrise is located.

#MoonriseFestival #MoonriseFest #InsomniacEvents

Prepare for contact with an array of beings from outer space. There’s no telling who – or what – you may run into. Moonrise is built on the foundation of our community. We would not be here without our Mooncrew, and we can’t wait to reunite with you once more.



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