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Ed Sheeran- Castle On The Hill (Ben Nicky Mashup)

Review: Live from Transmission Bangkok 2018, this show and song energizes you from head to toe. The lights. The audience. The music. The definition of fabulous, people.FABULOUS! The crowd is jumping and smiling at “level 10” and his song touches each person on the dance floor, as well as you watching this video or listening to this song.

It’s important to note that Ed hasn’t released new material since 2015. So this music is special to him and his fans because the tough wait was worth it. In an interview, Ed states: “This is a love song for Suffolk, because I don’t think anyone has ever done that.”

Ed Sheeran Biography

 The song features the lyrics: “I can’t wait to go home.”Itwas also announced by Ed that the music video for Castle On The Hill was shot in Suffolk, and features students from his former high school in Framlingham.

 Ed has had a year away from the spotlight, taking time to travel in New Zealand, Australia and Japan.


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