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Some artists have instant success and seem to blow up overnight. But for many more, it’s a longer road of hard work, ups and downs, and steady grinding no matter what. Codes falls into that second category and has the kind of story we love to champion. DJing since his teens, the New York producer went from the gritty world of drum & bass to the deep world of house music—all the while, struggling to get noticed. But the years of hard work and resilience paid off. The once unsigned “house orphan” has found a home among a massive fan base and some heavy-hitting names in the scene.

Codes’ style is always fresh, inventive, owing just as much to his time in D&B, hip-hop, and turntablism as it does to four-on-the-floor explorations. There’s a lot of low-end and a lot of sounds peppered in from across the music spectrum—not to mention the knowledgeable selections of someone who’s been around the block for a bit.

Though he’s dropped music on the likes of Slow Roast, This Ain’t Bristol, Country Club Disco, IN / ROTATION, and even Dirtybird, it was his Bumps EP (on Psycho Disco!) that really launched him to the next level. Not only did “Bumps” chart all over the place, but it also got a big push from Spotify, where it’s logged more than 2 million plays and counting. This all leads up to 2018 being Codes’ busiest year to date. With sold-out shows around the country, as well as some solid sets on the international circuit, he’s also rocked big fests like Electric Forest and Splash House. Already announcing an appearance at Ubbi Dubbi Festival in 2019, and certainly with more releases in the works, it looks like Codes won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

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