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If you’ve caught the attention of legendary DJ/producer Eric Prydz, your name has also sent some extra ripples throughout the greater electronic scene. And these days, that certainly seems to be the case with Cristoph, the emerging prog-house talent from the north of England.

After delivering an opening set during Prydz’s massive EPIC 5.0 performance in London this past summer, the Newcastle-based DJ/producer dropped “Feel” (feat. Jem Cooke), as the debut track on the Swedish icon’s new imprint, Pryda Presents. Then, Cristoph followed up with “EPOCH,” a tight, tingly groover best suited for afterhours.

He’s no overnight sensation, however, as Cristoph (aka C.J. Costigan) has been releasing material since 2013 on revered European labels like Defected, Noir and Bedrock. Nonetheless, his recent alliance with Prydz has thrust the spotlight on him to some degree – he’s certainly not complaining. After all, as Cristoph readily admits, Prydz is his “musical idol.”

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