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Aquarius Zrce Beach

Aquarius Zrce Beach

Aquarius Zrce Beach

is located in Croatia, at the Zrce beach on the island of Pag, in the center of the Adriatic sea. Being only 2 km are located in Croatia, at the Zrce beach on the island of Pag, in the center of the Adriatic sea. Being only 2 km (1.25 miles) away from the city of Novalja, we are distanced from all settlements.

The beach is near the city of Zadar, with which we’re connected via roads. The next biggest cities are Split and Rijeka. The club works all day as a beach bar and restaurant, while every afternoon the legendary after beach parties start. The regular clubbing programs are held at night.

The Aquarius club in Zagreb is a synonym for great entertainment since 1992, so it isn?t surprising that its varied services expanded on the warm and beautiful Croatian coast in the summer season. With the sea, summer and music as the main motivations in building something new, attractive and fun for its loyal audience in 2002 Aquarius opened their modern and unique club on the Zrce beach, situated in the city of Novalja on the island of Pag.

Parties made by world standards Since its beginnings in Zagreb, Aquarius has offered its guests only the best kind of musical entertainment from huge world-renowned names to musicians and DJs that have narrowly defined their respective genres. In accordance with many of the worlds most famous clubbing destinations, the Aquarius club on Zrce beach adapted its rich program with festivals and artists for whom tickets are sold and waited upon for months in advance.

A place where memories are made By testing out new ideas and party events, the club has become very famous for its great after-beach parties, so you shouldn’t be surprised if almost every guest of the beautiful beach directs you towards Aquarius in the afternoon hours. . It all becomes crystal clear when you first step on the grounds of the massive and attractive club with its modern design with two open-air floors for endless partying pleasures and realize that Aquarius is exactly the place where memories are made.

A mecca of popular culture The success of the Aquarius club on Zrce beach quickly spread out of the borders of Croatia, putting it on the world map of excellent summer party destinations. So its no wonder that the club is populated each season by an array of thousands of international guests, which form a special and unique atmosphere, while making colorful new friendships that last long after the parties end making Aquarius a mecca of popular culture.

A modern approach and high-end service Aquarius is well-known exactly for the fact that it doesn’t compromise on standards, constantly seeking new and modern approaches on parties and design. It?s situated near the airport in the city of Zadar, so you’ll reach it quickly and easily, and you can enjoy excellent food and drink services while resting on the clubs terraces during the day.

An oasis of luxury and relaxation made for everyone The club also prides itself on its luxurious VIP service which is expanding its offer this season into simple, nice and cozy cabanas summer pool houses ideal for a more intimate and casual relaxation and company. With accessible pricing and high-end offers, it’s not hard to understand why Aquarius is an oasis of luxury and relaxation made for everyone. So, visit the Aquarius club on Zrce beach and experience firsthand the undeniable fusing of natural and modern attractions all set in one place. See you there!

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