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6IX9INE “Tati”

6IX9INE “Tati” Feat. DJ SpinKing

Review: Those teeth?! DAMN! And the video is filled the typical gunshots, hanging with the boys, cars, bling and women. But I just couldn’t stop looking at his teeth. Nothing special about the video, unless you like funky teeth and ladies shaking their booties. So that might be enough to watch the video. 😉


“TATI” is the first song he’s released since he dropped his Day 69 mixtape back in February, so he could be potentially gearing up for a follow up project. That, or he’s just dropping another single to try and add to his list of Billboard charting hits that he loves to bring up on Instagram. That’s a solid strategy that seems to be working for him. I just can’t get over those teeth. LOL


This song, “TATI,” doesn’t stray far at all from 6ix9ine’s well-established formula. He’s got high-energy production that allows him to push his energy in turn, and his flow follows its usual stop-and-start method that has proved so popular on his other hit songs. The lyrics also touch on past themes of his; the word “blicky” is used quite a bit. While it would be interesting to see him branch out a bit from his comfort zone, 6ix9ine made it this far by giving his fans what they want, and there isn’t anything wrong with that.


Keep it up and can’t wait to see what you look like in your next video! Solid song, too.


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